- real - authentic- whole foods 

Every meal during your retreat is designed to serve your wellness... and your tastebuds. 

Each meal is thoughtfully planned and jam packed full of nutrients to nourish every part of you

vegetarian or meat option

We cater to your needs. 

Choose betweenVegetarian or meat and local seafood for your stay. 


Yes, this is a health retreat but you can have your cake and eat it too! All desserts are refined sugar free and full of goodness!


We cater for all of your dietary needs, gluten free, dairy free, nut free. We will take care of you.

camp ovens & beach picnics

Wanting to dine under the stars or next to the ocean? We can organise a private beach picnic for you, or a camp oven evening; allowing you to embrace all of this spectacular natural setting.

I did the half day retreat and it was amazing. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done a lot of yoga (as I haven’t) Jess can show you the moves can be altered to your experience level.
Her mediation was so incredible it takes you to a beautiful place of relaxation.
The day is beautifully crafted to get you to stop and shut off from the outside world and focus on yourself in a very serene place.
You are in a beautiful studio looking out over the ocean, it’s hard not to relax when your in that space.
She prepares a delicious lunch for you which is to die for !
If you only get to do one thing for yourself then this retreat is worth it, you come away feeling sooo much better than you walked in. Thank you Jess I’ll be back for the full day retreat very soon xx
— Sam